About Calgary Bride

CalgaryBride.ca is the ultimate local wedding resource for Calgary brides and wedding professionals. A community-based online publication, we’re proud to feature submissions from professionals and brides from across Western Canada. Calgary Bride is the umbrella company who’s properties include the Calgary Bridal Guide, Luxe by Calgary Bride and CalgaryBride.ca, as well as partnering with the Calgary Bridal Alliance, ensuring that Calgary brides and grooms have a full range of inspiration and resources when planning their weddings.

The Calgary Bride Family of Publications has is lead by a team of strong, smart and driven women. Our team works closely with the Calgary wedding community, our advertisers and other community partners to build publications that spark the imagination and inspire brides. We’re proud to introduce you to these five amazing women:

Banner Image by Alan Maudie Photography


Lynn Fletcher

Director of Publications

Lynn’s story: I was born and raised in Calgary, and I am the proud momma to my daughter Mattea, and wife to Troy. We have a busy house and a busy career, which make for an interesting life!

What does Lynn love most about working in wedding publishing? The most exciting part of this world for me is collaborating with the many diverse and creative professionals who all bring something different to the table. I enjoy raising the bar for the wedding industry, and providing a place for professionals to be creative on a platform that will be seen and celebrated by the entire wedding community.

What does Lynn consider the most critical element for a great wedding? The most critical element is the Planner of course! I don’t how a couple would plan their wedding without one.

What are ​Lynn’s passions outside of weddings?​ I’m passionate about my family, and celebrating life. We entertain a lot, and love being in our backyard doing projects in our oasis of fun! We invite people over every chance we get.


Geminesse Johnson

Art Director

Her story: I was born on a tropical island in the Pacific, in the Philippines, but I was raised in Canada. My family immigrated in the early 80’s when I was about two years old. I went to school in Calgary, and graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design.

What does Gem love most about working in wedding ​publishing​​? The most exciting part for me is using my creativity to solve visual problems, and seeing designs come to life. It is always cool to see something you designed or illustrated on your computer transformed into a printed version that you can hold in your hands.

What does Gem consider the most critical element for a great wedding​? ​I think the most critical element is having the people you love, family and friends with you to witness your happy moment.

What are Gem’s passions outside of weddings? I am passionate about art, paintings, DIY home decor, cards and stationery. Besides design and art I’m big on family, having a daughter has given me new perspective on life. Nothing is better then hanging out with my husband, daughter and our Rottie, Cleo, on the weekends.


Catherine Hazin

Publication Editor-at-Large

Her story: I was born in Edmonton, spent my early years in Montreal, then moved back to Sherwood Park before moving to Calgary in 1997 to attend ACAD. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and have been very fortunate to have always worked in the arts since, from ballet management, to metal work and textiles, to creative direction. These days, I primarily work on writing and research, directing photo shoots and curating space art exhibitions, as well as art directing various performances, fashion shows and productions across Canada and internationally.

​What does Catherine love most about working in wedding publishing?​ ​I find it all exciting! I love research, and learning about new ideas, designs, and techniques so I am endlessly fascinated by our creative wedding community. I also really enjoy “go time”, in the month or so before the magazine goes to print, because it is very fast paced and there is a lot of pressure for perfection. I love the amount of work and passion that goes into each and every image and article we produce, that knowledge makes me feel like I am alive, like I am a part of something increasingly important in our world– the creation of beauty and honour.

​What does Catherine consider the critical element to a great wedding? That’s easy, the most important part of any wedding is the team of wedding producers. There is nothing more important than that. If you have a great team beside you, absolutely anything is possible, and any challenge can be overcome.

What are her passions outside of weddings? I am passionate about the creation of meaningful thought provoking art, in any discipline but especially through performance or ballet. I am also passionate about my husband, French food, butter, things that sparkle, and my dog Nanuk.


Alix Williams

Online Editor & Social Media Director

Her Story: An island girl at heart, I am fourth generation born in Victoria, BC. I moved to Calgary in 2003 to pursue my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Calgary, graduating in 2007. I married a true catch, my husband Lowell, in 2011 and together we have two bouncing baby boys, Porter and Everett. I’ve been writing for Calgary Bride for almost 5 years now and I’m loving every minute of it!

What does Alix love most about working in wedding publishing? I love to see people take bold steps and get really creative, doing things that are really different. There is something so freeing about being able to work creativity to please yourself, as opposed to pleasing a client – the magazines and blog afford the creative professionals in our community a chance to let loose and make magic happen!

What does Alix consider the most critical element of a great wedding? A great live band!

What are Alix’s passions outside of weddings? I’m absolutely passionate about my family, my three favourite guys and our little ginger cat. I’m passionate about freedom of the mind – reading constantly, exploring the world from my own home. I’m also passionate about real living – getting off your devices, turning off the TV, getting outside, eating real food! I’m passionate about my local community and I’m an active volunteer for the Calgary Stampede. And last but definitely not least, I’m passionate about making great sandwiches (which always include mayonnaise).


Jessilyn Forigo

Marketing & PR Director

Her story: I’m a born and raised Albertan, a small business owner, and a committed community volunteer. I hold a Bachelor of Communications Degree from Mount Royal University, and quite often, a big mug of tea. My career has seen me connecting with shareholders in the public markets, managing large-scale events for corporate clients, creating content and collaterals for local businesses, managing media and logistics, and creating marketing strategy. The common thread in all of my experiences has been to create memorable, meaningful moments for those I engage with whether in my personal life, my philanthropic work or on the job. I have too many shoes, a few great friends, an amazing family and a handsome hubby!

What does Jessilyn love most about working in wedding publishing? Weddings tap into some of our deepest emotions as people. Joy, hope, trust, apprehension, maybe even a little sadness at one chapter ending and another beginning. Being part of a publication that allows people going through this exhilarating time to visualize and craft a day that will memorialize those feelings, and helping to connect them with vendors that can make their dreams a reality is smile-inducing.

What does Jessilyn consider the most critical element of a great wedding? Good Wine! I’m only half joking. A great culinary experience is truly memorable, but the most critical element is creating a moment where the new couple truly connects in a way that feels natural and meaningful for them. It’s your wedding, make it truly unique to you!

What are Jessilyn’s passions outside of weddings? I love to cook for family and friends and have a great time throwing foodie parties at home. If I can be surrounded by people smiling, laughing, indulging and connecting with each other I’m a happy host. I can easily get lost in a good book, love a mountain ski day, can’t get enough of travel ( especially if it’s sunny and there is a vineyard nearby), and get a truly disproportionate amount of pleasure from organizing everything from my closet to a kitchen pantry. I’m a proud volunteer with The Calgary Kinettes, My Best Friend’s Closet, and Community Key, am a member of the Calgary Stampede Innovations Committee, and original member of the team that created Fashion Forward, an annual fundraising gala in support of Making Changes Association.