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2017 Luxury Wedding Cake Trends

March 10, 2017

By Calgary Bride

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Trends in wedding cake design don't change as quickly as they do in fashion, however year after year pastry chef's all over the world are challenging themselves with innovative and edible creations. The celebration cake has evolved from a refined dessert to a modern day art form. Modern pastry chefs are using confections to express their wildest imaginations with sugar and other fine ingredients. Aesthetics, colour, flavour and texture all come together into one moment of sweet indulgence.

What is the most exciting or perfect example of wedding cake bliss for you? Is it a bejewelled masterpiece adorned with edible pearls and 24k gold? Or, do you envision a cake to match your wedding gown? Would you like to see your cake suspended from the ceiling? Do you imagine one towering cake, or several smaller ones displayed at various heights?

Your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception, and as such it should reflect your personal tastes and style as a couple. Think of it as a three-dimensional, edible art piece. With a little imagination and advice from a culinary expert your dessert table can become a delightfully delectable experience for your guests.

Luxurious Gold Wedding Cake
Luxurious Gold and Ivory Floral Wedding Cake

Semi Naked Cakes

A "naked" cake consists of unfrosted layers, usually sandwiched between buttercream frosting and topped with fresh flowers, sugared fruits and berries. A "semi-naked" cake differs in that while it is still mostly exposed, there is a very light layer of buttercream covering the sides. In both cases, the focus is on the cake, the filing and the flavour. An obvious choice for a rustic style reception, these designer are also elegant and interested in a formal setting. One benefit to these cakes is the opportunity to explore new flavours without having to find a frosting to match. 


Wedding cakes are more artistic than ever, some pastry chefs are taking their cue from the stationery scene by incorporating marbleized, painted or illustrated designs. Also, nowadays it is possible to print almost anything onto fondant, from a photography to your favourite quote, making your wedding cake an edible work of art. 

Ombre Ruffled Wedding Cake
Luxurious Gold and Blush Wedding Cake
Elegant White and Black Wedding Cake


Experienced pastry chefs are turning out tiers decorated with beautiful lace designs, inspired by fashion and reminiscent of the lace in a wedding dress or china pattern. All you need to do is decide which detail from your dress to highlight on your cake, from a few simple sugar-made buttons to fondant lace appliqués wrapped around each tier. 


The ombre effect is achieved through the gradual blending of one colour hue to another, usually moving tins and shades from light to dark. Whether you're drawn to a rich saturated hue that transitions to a mid-tone or a barely there tint that fees into white, the possibilities are endless.The effect is made even more dramatic with the use of texture or multiple tall tiers. 

Luxurious Pink Floral Wedding Cake
Luxurious Naked Berry Cake


Drip cakes are growing popularity as artistic alternatives to traditional cake decorating techniques. They consist of tiers of fondant covered or naked layers, and strategically placed drips of flavoured confections or ganache. Showcasing simple drips, or teaming with embellishments, these cakes are an unexpected and artistic design element that will have your guests talking. 

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