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Get To Know Young, Hip & Married

October 12, 2017

By Calgary Bride / Editor / Alix Williams

While everyone who works in the wedding industry is a major believer in true, everlasting love, officiants are the lucky ones who get to be extra close to the bond and commitment that couples make on their wedding day. Your wedding officiant feels the electric energy as a couple formally says "I Do" - they're a critical part of the magic, and they're forever a part of what makes a wedding day so unique and special. So while for most couples, they're only an active part of your wedding for maybe an hour or so, choosing the right officiant can have more emotional weight than any decision you have to make, when it comes to choosing your professional. Young, Hip & Married officiants are all about modern, personalized ceremonies for couples who don't gravitative towards traditional officiants. We asked founder Shawn Miller to tell us a little bit more about what makes Young, Hip & Married so special. 

What is your philosophy on officiating weddings - why did you start YHM?

Here at Young Hip & Married we believe that the "BIG A" agenda needs to come from the couple. So often couples are not given choices or options when it comes to how they get married. Sure, they have an endless choice in regards to design, food, music, outfits, etc. But far too often officiants perform the same ceremony over and over again without giving the couple any choice other than maybe personalized vows. We believe every couple should have the option to get married in their own unique way, style, and expression. If you are Jewish and your fiance is Buddhist, then let's fuze those two religions together and honour both of your values. It is not about one or the other; it is about togetherness. We have all been to wedding ceremonies that feel like a lecture, where the officiant is telling the couple what love is and how to be a good spouse. That's all well and good if the couple truly believes what is being spoken, but in our experience, every couple defines marriage differently. Our goal is to discover what our couples believe about life, love and marriage and the real reasons they fell in love and are getting married. We then take that information and transform it into a wedding ceremony that is much more "Storytelling" and much less "Advice Giving." The result is a truly unique ceremony experience that encompasses the uniqueness of our couples and their love story. Every couple has a different love story, therefore, every wedding needs to be approached with a blank slate. 

What's one question every couple should ask their officiant, and why should they ask it?

How are you going to make our wedding truly ours?  You love story is unique and your wedding ceremony should be the same. You want to make sure your officiant is taking the time to get to know you and adding elements of your individual personalities and your identity as a couple into your script. This way your ceremony is actually YOUR ceremony, not just another wedding that we have all been to a dozen times before. 

What can couples expect when working with YHM?

The best customer experience in the industry. And a team of highly engaged and caring individuals who truly want your ceremony to be everything you've ever dreamed it would be.

What piece of advice would you give couples when searching and deciding on an officiant?

You have to like them. If there is no chemistry and you don't find yourself excited about working with them, keep looking. Also, do they have a proven track record or work for a company with a proven track record? Check on forums, Google, Yelp, Reddit and other wedding related sites to see what others are saying about them. 

What makes a wedding ceremony memorable in your eyes?

The best ceremonies are the ones that FEEL like the couple getting married. I can write the most beautiful, elegant and romantic ceremony but if you are an easy going non-traditional couple, then an elegant and romantic ceremony is going to feel way off to you and your guests. So be true to who you are and make sure your ceremony represents you and your love story. 

Erica Miller Photography/Emily Nicole Photos
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